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Outsourced IT and our commitment to you...

We all know that people are the foundation of any great organization. You wouldn't be where you are today without committed employees and loyal customers.

How can you support your staff, retain customers, increase revenue, grow market share, and remain flexible in a changing corporate landscape? Responsive, secure, and advanced IT infrastructure is the best investment you can make - now and for the future.

Keeping up with technological advancements can be overwhelming, and you can't be an expert in everything. You need reliable and trustworthy IT advice, planning, and management services you and your people can depend on. 

IT Security is a form of Problem Management. It looks to proactively prevent Incidents, and resolve those scenarios without interruption.

Our managed services specialties include:


Custom IT solutions that build with your current business and IT infrastructure


High-level security structures that protect you and your customers


User-focused tools and training that make implementing new systems easy


Long-term management of IT systems and infrastructure for clients

Thanks in advance...

At Lightbulb Networks LLC, we appreciate the trust you put in us when you hand us the keys to your IT kingdom. We've earned that trust from clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you.

Our consultants are strategic thinkers with decades of experience in both outsourced IT and business. We do our homework, and make sure we understand your business goals before working with you to set technology goals.

Our specialty is custom-made solutions for how you work, sell, and grow. We think this is important, because at the end of the day, IT is about people, not computers.

Steps to how an IT partner works


Discovery and Planning

We'll look at your business strategy, processes, and portfolio to determine which proven and emerging technologies will work best to boost productivity and revenue, meet evolving customer requirements, and ensure the security of your data.


Audit and Assessment

What is your operating efficiency? What is your capacity for growth? Are your security measures up to standard? We'll evaluate your current IT environment and make recommendations for scaling up without breaking the bank.


Customized IT Infrastructure Development

Now that our strategic advisors have worked with you to pinpoint and prioritize your IT needs, the next step is to identify the systems and applications that will best support your business goals and formulate a smooth plan for implementation.


Implementation And Ongoing IT Management

Once we've determined what IT infrastructure, upgrades, and maintenance you need to optimize productivity and business growth, you can trust us to test and roll out your customized IT solutions with minimal disruption. We can also expertly maintain and manage your system - it's a worry-free option that allows you to focus on your business, now and in the future.


Helpdesk Services

The engineer staffed help desk allows your company to take advantage of our live technical support service. Users can access the service via phone or email.


Staff Training

Once your new IT environment is established, your staff will receive a combination of live and one on one training tailored to your company's needs and culture.


Support Retainer

By signing on with us, you will enjoy peace of mind as we provide both remote and onsite support when and how you need it. We also offer 24/7 support as an addon to any service plan. As you grow your business, we will work closely with you and your staff to streamline your technology and make recommendations for maximizing your IT resources.

Meet your outsourced IT super-team

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I feel great when a customer stops seeing us as a vendor and sees us as a business partner. My core function is to develop technology and solutions for clients and the service desk, however I wear many hats. I love to cook for my family. They make me feel like a rock star with every meal. I make some slamming fish tacos.

Keenan Cline

Founder & CTO

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I spend most of my day prioritizing tickets and reaching out to clients to resolve issues. I love that Keenan is willing to go into the trenches with us on the service desk. If I could go anywhere it would be Normandy France, to stand on Omaha beach where D-Day happened.

Danny Mellott

lead helpdesk engineer

I feel good when a customer opens up about their experience with us. My employer treats everyone as equals and is open to input. In my free time I work on finishing a rebuild on my camper trailer. Oh, and I love Pizza. Anytime, anywhere. 

Christina Cline

Office manager

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Lightbulb Networks is friendly place to work with great engineers and customer focused solutions. I love solving my customers problems, and know I've done well when I hear their appreciation. I love travel, and can't wait to get back to Italy. My bosses attitude and work style makes him the best MSP in Anaheim. When not solving tech problems, I enjoy spending my evenings with my fantastic wife.

Dontay Jackson

IT Field Tech

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Would you like to work with us? If spending your day helping solve problems sounds like your cup of tea, head over to the contact page, and send us a resume and a list of reasons why we should talk. 

Even though we're not hiring now, we'll keep your info and reach out when openings are available. You might as well be at the front of the line!

Your name?

future LBN teammates

Lightbulb Cartoon anaheim MSP

Once an electrical prodigy, Wattson spent decades in captivity at Edison's Menlo Park laboratory after his alleged involvement in the "elephant fiasco". He escaped during a midnight rescue by Lightbulb Networks staff in Sept 2012, and has proven to be a valuable member of the marketing team. Wattson makes a mean Mai Tai, and enjoys watching Robert Redford films.




100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Earning your trust is important to us and we appreciate the confidence you have in our skills and ambitions. We've earned that trust from clients in dozens of industries and we look forward to earning it from you as well. Our consultants are strategic thinkers with years of experience in both IT and business. We do our homework and make sure we understand your business goals before working with you to set technology goals. Our specialty is custom-made solutions for how you work sell and grow. This is important because at the end of the day, IT is about people not computers.