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About Us

Keenan Cline - Chief Technology Officer


Keenan has been working professionally in various industries within the IT field since 2006 and brings a wide variety of skills and experience. He is focused on customer experience and is first in line for ensuring best practices are enacted for all our clients. Having strong project management experience, he leads most customer facing interaction and service. 

Danny Mellott - Help Desk Engineer


From intern, to part-time, to full-time Helpdesk Engineer, Danny's passion for tech and management background has risen him through the ranks with Lightbulb Networks. His drive for excellent customer service and organization drives our Helpdesk and customer experience. 

Wattson - Mascot / Cheerleader


Wattson has undergone several facelifts over the years but always "shined bright". Badum Tiss

He has been the face of our great company since day one and keeps the bright ideas coming.

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