Why Managed IT Services?

Lightbulb Networks managed solutions takes technology off your to-do list.

Computers, Phone, Email, Recovery

The 4 pillars of business technology are our forte. Let's see what managed IT services would do you the most good...

Managed Services

What does a Managed Service Provider (MSP) do?. We help ensure your systems run smoothly, stay secure and up-to-date, and deal with the day-to-day technical issues.

VOIP phone and communications

Why switch to VOIP?Save 60% on your current landline setup, for starters. You’ll have a more reliable business phone system that even remote workers can use.

Cloud Hosted Email

Why do I need Cloud Hosted Email? More than 90% of cyber-attacks begin with a phishing. email. Hosted email empowers you with a full arsenal of robust, secure, and legally compliant email tools.

Backup and disaster recovery

How can I protect my business? First, identify data threats early. Next, backup and test those backups often. Lastly, have a disaster recovery plan.

Managed IT Services

Finding the right service provider is crucial, as you need to work with a team that can offer you a unique support solution that is scalable as your business grows.

This means that when you are looking for managed IT services near me, you are looking for a business partner that can support your growing needs while saving you money in the process.

Business-First Perspective

We will take care of the IT infrastructure and address challenging issues. This allows you to focus and spend time in innovation, product development, and growth strategies.

Security Protocols

Lightbulb Networks provide effective security oversight within the ever-evolving and complex cyber-threat landscape.

Operational efficiency

An MSP is well organized and equipped to increase the efficiency of your business, often with few distractions.

Set Processes and SLAs

MSPs offer services as per the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and then provide scheduled detailed reports on those services.

VOIP Phones and Communications

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to make calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a local phone company.

It's no surprise that small-to-medium-sized, as well as enterprise businesses, are making the switch due to the robust features that VoIP offers. If searching for VOIP near me, look no further.

Cut communication costs

Traditional phone services and even on-premise VoIP demand upfront investment and regular maintenance.

Hosted VoIP solutions, on the other hand, let you pay as you go with consistent, low-cost rates that won’t break your budget.

Scale up with ease

As your business grows, a hosted VoIP phone system can easily keep pace. Since hosted VoIP runs in the cloud, you can add extensions or direct numbers in just a few clicks right from your own desktop.

Simplify IT management

Although your IT team may be up to the challenge of managing an on-premise phone system, their time is better suited elsewhere. Choosing hosted VoIP means Lightbulb Networks will take care of infrastructure upgrades and maintenance for you.

Empower employee mobility

While hosted VoIP works perfectly on desk phones, it works just as well on the go, thanks to purpose-built apps for laptops and mobile devices. Remote employees and mobile workers have full access to their calls and messages outside the office.

Cloud Hosted Email

We've found that people generally don’t like to install things that have to be updated. They don’t like creating accounts for a product they might use rarely. And they frequently forget their passwords.

With this in mind, we designed our cloud hosted email to be the ideal encrypted product. It still lets you securely send encrypted email and is so much easier to use.

High Security

Messages are encrypted using AES256 standards (that's NSA level), & geographically distributed keys.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Send encrypted email from any email app on any device...even with attachments. 

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Sign-in links will only work from the device that originally requested access. If any other device tries to sign in, the link is disabled and the session blocked.

Send email from any OS

Whether users prefer iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, or PC (or maybe they just can’t let go of their Blackberry)… it simply doesn’t matter. It just works.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We specialize in keeping critical computer and IT systems up, running and problem free for business owners near you.

Unfortunately, many of the companies we meet with do not have a reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system in place. They are “hoping” that their current tape backup will work when they need it. We've got this covered for you.

Secure, Encrypted Off-site Backup

While we recommend that you have onsite backup, it’s absolutely critical to keep an encrypted copy of your data offsite as well. We've got you covered

Minimize Downtime

Our file backup and restore functionality protects against data loss and downtime in the event of equipment loss or failure, ransomware, or other disasters.

Ransomware Protection

MSPs can quickly recover from a ransomware attack by rolling back their clients’ files to a point before the infection hit, without paying ransom. Lightbulb Networks are your personal brigade of cyber-knights.

Peace of Mind

We will meet and exceed your expectations by offering a simple, yet effective continuity and disaster recovery solution that nearly eliminates business downtime and prevents data loss.

Our specialties include:


Custom IT solutions that build with your business and IT infrastructure


High-level security structures that protect you and your customers


User-focused tools and training that make implementing new systems easy


Long-term management of IT systems and infrastructure for clients

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