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Lightbulb Networks managed solutions takes technology off your to-do list.

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Don't know where to start?

The fastest solution is to make an appointment. Our techs will help you locate your technology "weak-links".

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B2B Tech support? Lightbulb's your answer. 

Understanding your IT problem is the first step. Having the skills, tools, and elbow-grease to get the job done is where we shine.

Our goal as your partner is to learn how your business functions and what technology it needs to grow. We pride ourselves on making the technology work for you and your growing business.

Help Desk and Tech Support

We are your IT staff. We are your guides on a changing technology landscape. When you have any issues reaching out to the help desk is the first step. Who’s your current help desk?

Your data is man-hours wrapped in digital files. Those hours equal money. Protecting that investment is our number one job. How long could you afford to be without your data?

Network Monitoring and Management

It’s not good enough to just respond to support tickets and alerts. We take a hard proactive approach to ensure our clients don't even notice our actions. 

Cyber crime has been on the rise for 20 years, and is actually a global industry. The criminals don’t sleep and neither do we. It’s our duty to stay ahead of current threats and protect you from them.

Phone Systems and Communications

Voice, chat, and other forms of communication are the lifeblood of your business. Modern VOIP and communication technologies enable features to keep you connected when you need it the most. 

Computers and Servers

Computers and servers are the gateway to your data and processes in your business. Imagine being unable access to either of these. Our proactive service allows us to fix these issues before they affect you.

Your technology is connected through your network infrastructure. It’s our job to make sure that communication flows to your devices. This should run smooth and consistent to perform the way you expect it should.

The tech landscape is making cloud services available to smaller businesses. This could mean hosted email, cloud applications, rented servers, virtual desktops, or even network management. This is available for any organization.

See if we're a good fit...

Our "Do's and Don'ts" list helps determine if we can work together.

What we Can do:

  • Help an IT team that needs help
  • help a businees with no iT support
  • consult on your current IT solutions 
  • offer unlimited remote and onsite support
  • Alert and monitor your networks for issues
  • offer predictable billing
  • centralized management of your entire network

What We Don't do:

  • Sell Hardware without managed services 
  • Provide support without managed services
  • residential work (outside of specific promotions)
  • One-Off projects
  • Phone systems without it support
  • provide staffing for your company

the take-away:

At the end of the the day, there are tons of people and businesses qualified to take care of your technology. At Lightbulb Networks, we have no shortage of people who know their way around a serverbox. What gets us excited about our day is sharing our enthusiasm for the tech that drives business. These devices and programs allow you to do so much more, in shorter amounts of time.

Simply, this results in your businesses growth.

Through a tactical approach to IT solutions, we align your technology with your business. goals When your technology/business alignment is realized, you can fully harness that combined power to propel your business forward.

Don't know where to start?

The fastest solution is to make an appointment. Our techs will help you locate your technology "weak-links".

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