Managed Cloud Solutions for SMB

What Are Cloud Solutions?

As technology advances, we see new options to preserve data. Gone are the days when companies had to worry about storing their data. Now huge piles of paperwork and hard disks have been replaced by cloud storage solutions. Cloud infrastructure have proven to be so reliable that many small California businesses prefer to store their data in the cloud. These platforms provide secure, easy accessibility.

In simple terms, cloud solutions are the delivery of multiple computer services such as data, analytics, servers in the cloud, and intelligence. It offers faster and reliable services to its customers. You have to pay for the cloud services and as a result, you run your business more efficiently and saves a lot of money on storing things in physical locations. You can manage the setting of a cloud platform as you desire. You can keep it either private or public. A public cloud can be accessed by anyone using internet services, however, private cloud storage is only available to a limited number of people.

Types of Small Business Cloud Solutions

Business cloud services are divided into three categories such as:

Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

This kind of cloud computing is very popular among companies like cloud vendors to manage their IT infrastructure. They only have to pay for the cloud services they use.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

This element of cloud computing shares some similarities with SAAS. It is a platform where you can create your software that is delivered through the internet.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

This platform provides a complete product, created and managed by the cloud solutions provider. You do not have to worry about how the solution works and is managed.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions offer multiple benefits to its users. A few benefits of managed cloud solutions are listed below:

Cloud Solutions are Cost-effective

Business cloud solutions save money and time. Companies do not have to pay for the large infrastructures or equipment to store their data. The cost of maintenance and warehouses to store the data can also be saved. Cloud solutions hardly go down, so the cost of downtime is also being saved.

The Cloud Provides Easy Accessibility

Data is stored in the cloud, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a device and an internet connection. How easy is that? You do not have to carry flash drives or hard disks to access the data while on the go. You can also access your data through your smartphone devices.

The Cloud Simplifies Disaster Recovery

Unlike hard drive malfunctions, you do not have to worry about losing your data once it goes down. If you have a backup and disaster recovery scenario, you can still access your data saved on managed cloud solutions even if your laptop or smartphone device goes down. You can recover your data in case of emergencies as well.

How to get Cloud Solutions for your Orange County Business?

Managed cloud solutions, public or private, have become a top choice of many organizations. There are many cloud options, and virtual desktop IT services that are available. If you have any confusion or need more information, feel free to reach out to Lightbulb Networks for our cloud solutions pricing.

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