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How Network Infrastructure Grows Your Business.

Network infrastructure is the heart of any business. In 2021, companies need more than hardworking employees or talented staff. Running a business well depends on strong and secure IT infrastructure. Imagine it is like a cooking recipe, where you have all the ingredients but don’t have a working stove to cook on. Without solid network technology, the pace of work in your business slows down. This harms employee’s productivity as well as creating security issues. Let’s see what you can do about your businesses network.

What is Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructure is a combination of hardware and software resources, through which connectivity, communications, and operations work. The devices are connected either with wires or via wireless. Networks use an access point called a router and provide communication paths and services to the users, applications, and external network links.

What are the Components of Network Infrastructure?

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This is the primary component of your network system. No transmission of data is possible without properly laid out cabling. It helps voice and data to pass through and makes communication possible. Use the most modern cabling options available to ensure smooth communication services.


The core function of router’s are to direct the right bits of data to the right destination. Routers also read the incoming data and make sure it reaches where it is intended to go. There are dozens of options for network routers available, and the best for your business depends on many factors.


Network switches provide connectivity between the network devices of your LAN (Local Area Network). Switches create your businesses network. They connect all devices such as phones, servers, screens, and laptops. These components talk to each other and create a communication system.

Firewalls and Security

Firewalls are very important to keep a business network safe from intruders. Your MSP (managed service provider) will define the rules about which kind of traffic would be allowed to pass and which needs to be blocked. Firewalls allow a business to grow and keep it safe from potential intrusions and data theft.


Servers are the backbone of any network infrastructure. They allow users to access and share their data. There are other storage options that are also available, such as managed cloud storage. Which kind of storage your business will need often depends on the type of business.

4 Big Benefits of Building A Solid Network

There are many benefits to a well planned and executed network, such as:

  • Increased Productivity – Well designed and monitored networks ensure that your company minimizes errors and increases productivity.
  • Cost-Effective – Carefully installed network components ensures that you have fewer or no network disruptions, which will save you money.
  • Accessibility A secured network allows employees to stay connected and productive regardless of their location.

Who Can Help With Your Business Network?

Lightbulb Networks offers network infrastructure consulting in Southern California. This is the foundation on which your whole company stands, so you must build this foundation perfectly for it to pay off in the long run. Well built and monitored networks ensure smooth operations, and fewer headaches for the business owner. You need help from a cybersecurity and network infrastructure agency so that you get the best operational performance possible.

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